About Consigning

How does Consignment Concierge work?

Our Consignment Concierge service is currently open to consignors local to us in the Lehigh Valley, PA. This service works on a referral basis. New consignors need to either know us personally or through social channels or know a consignor who is already consigning with us. We do this as a safety precaution as we will be coming to your home or meeting on location.


Do you have a contract?


Yes. Contracts are sent via email and filled out electronically. Once they are received on our end, we will schedule an appointment to come to you. 


What happens next?

The next steps are easy! You prepare your items to be evaluated and we choose the items we want in our boutique. We will then take them back with us where they will be assigned a bin with your information on it and each item will be photographed, priced, and uploaded to the website for purchase. At the end of your consignment period for those items, you will be paid via electronic payment (Venmo or PayPal). Regarding unsold items, you have the option to pick those items up from us or Apple & Honey Kids will offer consignors $0.50 per item if you do not wish to pick up any unsold inventory. You decide. 

What will I earn?

Consignors earn 45% of sales price on each sold item. All items are subject to sales.

Can I consign if I live out of state or too far away from your local area?

We are currently working out the logistics for this to happen, so please check back or message us directly through our social pages or via email. 

How many items will you take each consignment period and how long is a consignment period?

We will take a full bins' worth. There is no set number on how many of your items we will take. It could be 50, it could be 100+. It depends on how large your items are and how well they fold and fit in a bin. 

Consignment periods are 120 days. 

How often can I consign items with you?

As of right now, every 120 days. We anticipate this timeframe will go down to every 30/60/90 days as we continue to grow. Since we are just starting out, we want to start cautious. 

Do you take more than clothing and shoes?

Yes! We take most Children's items so long as they meet our brand requirements, quality standards, and can be easily shipped. We don't shy away from larger items, but when it comes to gear, we will only take brand new in box items as we simply don't have the capacity to ship those items. Anytime you aren't sure, just send us a message with a picture and we can tell you!